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The Books

Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis is your guide to living well with RA regardless of whether you are newly diagnosed or have had the disease for many years. Full of information, advice and practical tips, the series will empower you to live well with this chronic autoimmune disease.
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About Lene

Lene Andersen is an award-winning writer living in Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Denmark, Lene — pronounced Lena — has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was four years old. This gives her over four decades of experience with the disease and everything that comes with it.
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Follow the blog where Lene shares news and information about the books and tips on living well with rheumatoid arthritis. Join in the journey and be part of the conversation.
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Latest From the Blog
  • Is it really so? Am I actively working on the second book in the Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis series? Yes, I am! Fiction writers talk about the characters taking over the book. It’s a wonderful experience to be writing with a bit of a plan going on and all of a sudden the characters […]

  • Being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an overwhelming thing. How are you supposed to remember asking the right questions at the right time? Over the past few months, I’ve been part of a team of Canadian arthritis bloggers who were, with the support of Janssen Inc., asked to collaborate on ways to support people […]

  • As you may know, July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Months and not surprisingly, it’s a cause close to my heart. Dr. B. on Health is an excellent program, available both online and in iTunes. Throughout July, Dr. B focused on various aspects of juvenile arthritis. Check out his archives and take a listen. I was […]

  • I’ve always wanted to visit the land down under. I don’t actually know if Australians and Kiwis enjoy that term and suspect that a trip to those wonderful countries would enable me to do some personal research. But, as I may have mentioned before, I can’t travel… well, I don’t say anymore, instead preferring to […]

  • A few months ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Wren on Rheumablog. She’s an excellent journalist and asked very good questions. Wren has just posted a review of Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Tools for Managing Treatment, Side Effects and Pain and boy, was that a joy to read! I may even […]

  • Last year, I did some work with the wonderful people at the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, interviewing them about a terrific new opportunity to help people with arthritis keep working. I was thrilled when they approached me about writing an article for their spring newsletter. Again, the subject was work. I told the story […]

  • Today is the first anniversary of The Book being published! (Well, actually yesterday was, but I’ve been sick so that’s a bit of a delay). Most of my life, I’ve dreamed of having a book with my name on it. Not inside the cover, as a mark of ownership. No, the dream was the kind […]

  • I’ve known Wren for years. She calls her RA the Dragon and she writes like a dream. Reading her posts on RheumaBlog always makes me feel centered and as if I’ve learned something new. And today, she hosts a Q&A with me about My background, life with RA, depression and oh yeah, a few questions […]

  • Greetings from the blog tour trail! I liked it so much the first time that I went on a virtual tour to celebrate the holidays. Several months ago, I met Kim P. Miller, author of Living with Juvenile Arthritis: A Parent’s Guide.. We come at life with inflammatory arthritis from opposite directions. I’ve lived with […]

  • Pain is a funny thing. Not just to live with (in which case it’s not always very funny), but in terms of the myths and the silence surrounding it. Talking about pain is uncomfortable, especially for those who don’t have it. Pain is hard to understand. You can’t measure it, it’s difficult to describe and […]

  • I often look at my copy of Our Hands Can! and every time, it makes me smile and feel stronger. Every time I see the Show Us Your Hands! community poster in my rheumatologist’s office, it makes me smile and feel part of a community. I want more people to have a chance to feel […]

  • Some time ago, I played around with Zazzle for some custom-made products and liked it a lot. The interface is wonderfully easy, making interesting products a snap. I spent part of my vacation time in August making some new stuff. Looking for inspiration? In addition to the Still Standing poster still in the shop, I’ve […]